Songs in the English class!!!

Here you are some videos in which you will see how 3rd grade students have fun while singing different songs.

Learning and having fun? Yes, of course.

In the English class we really like learning at the same time we have fun. This is the reason way we sing a lot of songs and we play different games. Here you are some pictures in which you can see some of the songs we sing and some of the games we play.

What's the time song!!!

In fourth level we are learning how to say the time in English. Here you are a song we use to practise it. Enjoy it!

Here we are caroling!!!


Christmas crafts!!!

Santa Claus 3-A
Santa Claus 3-A
Santa Claus 3-B
Santa Claus 3-B
Rudolph 4th
Rudolph 4th

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Here you have the Christmas song we are learning in 4th grade. We hope you enjoy it!

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

This is the Christmas song we are learning in 3rd grade. We hope you like it!

The skeleton dance song!!!

We have been learning and dancing this song for Halloween in 4th grade!!!


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